REMTools - the on-line facilitation of the Salary Review and Bonus Payment Process

dsd Consulting and Human Resource Information Technologists (HRIT) have partnered to deliver SRM Central© to the New Zealand market. Today's best practice technology solutions allows organisations to manage the salary review process in real-time and eliminates all of the frustrations and data integrity issues typically associated with excel spreadsheets.

SRM Central© provides for the on-line facilitation of the Salary Review and Bonus Payment Process. This cost effective option, uses the most up-to-date web-based technology, enabling your organisation to customise the system to your specific needs.

SRM Central provides easy access to managers to review salaries at their own pace, and enables Human Resources to track progress in real-time.

Key Features of SRM Central©

  • Reduces the dependency on excel spreadsheets and minimises errors & handling of information
  • Ensures consistent return of data, managers can't interfere with the integrity of reporting format
  • Eliminates need for cutting, distributing and collating excel salary review spreadsheets
  • Multiple sites can be managed at different stages
  • Multiple salary review increase matrices can be used
  • Enables on-line tracking of the review process by authorised parties at any time
  • Controls are placed over the quality of reviews through exception highlights and warnings
  • Allows dynamic access for reporting through any number of reporting tools
  • Customised programmes fully supported by HRIT regardless of changes made
  • Easily adapted on site for specific requirements - all fields can be easily customised to your needs
  • Provides on-line access to previous salary review details - history available at a click.
  • Contact us if you wish to find out more about SRMCentral or receive a free demonstration of its functionality.

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