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The team at dsd Consulting are known for their practical approach to Remuneration and Rewards management and their ability to customise solutions to each clients' specific requirements.

dsd work with many of New Zealand's best known organisations - large and small - please view the testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

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Total Reward Strategy
Short and Long-term Incentive Scheme and Sales Commission Schemes
Salary Review Management
Remuneration Systems and Pay Progression Systems
Job Analysis, Evaluation and Market Pricing
Executive Remuneration
Employee Value Proposition and Flexible Packaging
Contracting Services
Compliance and Governance
Benefit Management

We offer solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

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Total Rewards Strategy

A robust strategy will effectively link remuneration and rewards and the broader offering to business strategy. It will also ensure a strong return on investment, controls cost and helps to underpin the organisation's attraction and retention strategy.

Organisations today appreciate the need to use remuneration and rewards (financial and non-financial) as a key strategic tool to support the business strategy.

dsd Consulting will work with you to design a Total Rewards Strategy that draws together all elements of remuneration and rewards: including base salary, short and long-term incentives, commissions, performance, career management, work-life balance and other key elements of the Employee Value Proposition.

I have found the dsd team to be professional, efficient and absolute masters in their field. They have an enthusiasm for Total Rewards that always sees them go that one step further. dsd are the first I turn to when tailored information is required or I need expert advice.

Melanie Walden, Group HR Information Services Manager Fletcher Building


Short and Long-term Incentive Scheme and Sales Commission Schemes

The review and design of incentive, bonus and commission schemes tailored to employee groups, functional areas or the company as a whole.

Effective scheme design has become even more important with the growing pressure on organisations to demonstrate a direct link between key reward mechanisms and the business strategy.

dsd Consulting have extensive experience in the design of tailored incentive schemes from the executive level to the shop floor; including:

  • Long-term incentives (LTI's)
  • Short-term incentives (STI's)
  • Tailored bonus schemes
  • Sales incentive and commission schemes

    Whether it's a new scheme or redesigning an existing scheme, dsd Consulting can deliver a scheme design that fits your specific business needs.

    It was great working with Susan as she was able to question your thinking and help you think outside the box. She has a great understanding of how incentive schemes work and what levers work together to get the best results. Very easy to work with and extremely professional and knowledgeable.

    Jonathan Beale, Head of Investments, ASB Investments


    end2end© Salary Review Management

    dsd will manage the annual market and salary review processes on your behalf.

    As experienced remuneration managers, dsd's consultants work alongside clients to manage the annual market and salary review process end-to-end.

    We can work with in house manual processes or provide the latest technology to manage salary reviews in an on-line web-based environment using SRM Central©.

    SRM provides you with the ability to manage salary reviews at a pace that suits, and ensures total data integrity.

    dsd is our definitive source of remuneration information for job sizing, salary reviews, and all day to day queries. Your team make remuneration a whole lot easier!!

    Deborah Mann, Strategic Workforce Planner, Tower


    Remuneration Systems and Pay Progression Systems

    The design and implementation of remuneration frameworks and pay progression systems, including CareerMAP©, TalentMAP© and other customised approaches.

    dsd Consulting design simple, practical remuneration systems that can be easily linked to the external market and support internal relativity. We can work with points-based job evaluation information or job benchmark data to underpin any system.

    We can also provide the most cost effective pay progression options to support your system and fit your business. Whether you are a small or large company, dsd Consulting can customise a remuneration system to fit your organisation. System design includes:

  • Broad band Systems
  • Competency-based Systems
  • Job Family Systems
  • Career Mapping.

    I called dsd Consulting because I wanted practical support to help us with the implementation of a broadband remuneration framework. The outcome of the review was great and met our cost targets. The new process was so much more efficient!

    Nick Lee, Manager Reward & HRIS - Asia Pacific, MWH



    Management of KiwiSaver Employer contributions in the remuneration offering.

    The ongoing uncertainty of KiwiSaver legislation has created a number of issues for New Zealand organisations. The legislation remains unclear on how KiwiSaver should be managed within remuneration making it difficult for organisations to finalise their policies for the future.

    dsd has worked extensively with New Zealand employer's applying KiwiSaver within the context of remuneration. We can assist you to determine your policy, work within current superannuation schemes and provide guidance on how to manage KiwiSaver in practical terms on a day-to-day basis.

    dsd provided us with spot on practical advice when we were trying to come to grips with managing KiwSaver within our remuneration offering. They really know their stuff and helped us to take a complex issue and make it simple. I have worked along side dsd for a number of years and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with similar issues.

    Anne Worthington, Manager Human Resources, National Aluminium Ltd


    Job Analysis, Evaluation and Market Pricing

    The detailed analysis of jobs and the provision of tailored market data across job families and industry sectors.

    Understanding and justifying the true market value of a role is critical. dsd Consulting have extensive experience in job analysis and providing market information for jobs across a range of job families and industries on a benchmark basis.

    dsd's database is one of the largest in the New Zealand market. We can evaluate single jobs or whole job families and provide targeted remuneration information based on your identified remuneration markets. We will also work with you to interpret and apply the information to ensure maximum relevance within your organisation.

    Enthusiasm and energy are two things the consultants at dsd never fall short of. We find their professionalism and knowledge of the market outstanding and look forward to working with them again.

    Cecile Margan, DB Breweries Ltd


    Executive Remuneration

    The structure, design and review of Executive packages and remuneration recommendations.

    Our highly experienced principal consultants are accustomed to working with senior executives and board members in structuring executive remuneration. This involves the review and design of fixed remuneration and variable pay elements, such as short term and long term incentives, in addition to providing tailored market remuneration information for executive level roles.

    In addition, dsd Consulting can provide Executive Remuneration data accessed from a broad range of New Zealand's leading organisations. We provide tailored Executive market pricings specific to industry sector and key organisational factors such as revenue, employee numbers and capital base.

    When I ring the team at dsd I know that I'll get practical, real-world advice I can use - either in the Boardroom or with Line Managers.

    Craig Towers, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson New Zealand


    Employee Value Proposition and Flexible Packaging

    Create a compelling point of difference through flexible packaging, employment branding and communication of the Employee Value Proposition.

    An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the set of attributes that the labour market and employees perceive as the value they gain through employment in an organisation. (Corporate Leadership Council).

    Using dsd Consulting's Four F's of EVP©, we will audit, review your current offering and assist you to create a compelling EVP that is tailored to your organisation and clearly communicates your point of difference in the market.

    dsd can also work with you to create flexible remuneration packages and design Total Reward Employee Statements.

    A Total Reward statement provides employees with a personalised account of all of the elements that are valued as part of the total reward offering. This will include financial elements considered part of the employee's package, or other elements outside of the standard remuneration offering, e.g. wellness benefits, KiwiSaver, etc.

    dsd Consulting are the best value-for-money consultants that I had ever worked with. There is nothing that they add that is extraneous or unnecessary.

    General Manager, Tower Insurance


    Contracting Services

    The provision of specialist remuneration contractors for short or long-term assignments.

    When you have a short or long-term assignment requiring specialist in house resources, dsd can supply remuneration contractors to fill your needs. Whether you have a special project in mind or need assistance with the day-to-day management of internal remuneration services, dsd can provide you a specialist resource to meet your needs.

    Stella Travel Services has been through significant changes over the past 12 months. dsd Consulting has been with us all the way. I consider them a key partner to our HR Team.

    Jan Bibby, GM People and Performance, Stella Travel Services


    Governance and Compliance

    The audit of remuneration-related systems, processes and policies to ensure they meet the appropriate standards of compliance.

    dsd Consulting will help you to develop and implement best-practice policy, processes and communication materials to support your Total Rewards Framework.

    dsd will assess and provide recommendations on issues and organisational status relating to diversity, equal employment opportunity and equitable remuneration systems.

    The dsd team has worked with us over a number of years. They understand our industry and the unique challenges of our business. They are very approachable and proactive and dealing with dsd makes my role so much easier.

    Trudie Ward, HR Manager, Pfizer New Zealand Limited


    Benefit Management

    Supporting the organisation's values and culture as well as extracting value from the investment in benefits is critical. dsd can help to ensure your employees understand and value all benefits and ensure that the business can maximise the value of their benefit spend while reducing unnecessary cost.

    dsd will work with you to audit and refine your benefit offering and develop a benefit strategy appropriate to your needs. This includes reviewing current benefits and initiatives to assess their value to employees and the return on investment for the business. We will work with you to determine where cost savings can be made, how benefits can be maximised and how benefits can be valued fairly within employee packages.

    I have always received professional , courteous, swift and practical support and advice from dsd Consulting and would recommend them to not only businesses without their own specialist remuneration resource, but also those who have this function in-house.

    Nikki Howell, HR Manager, AA Insurance Ltd


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